1. thatrandomgirl4389:

    I’m taking another painful step toward
    Pushing open another heavy door
    Taking another weighted step down
    The path only I can forge

    Every inch I gain is building strength
    Every failure and small victory
    Is a lesson learned
    Either the hard way or easily

    It may seem like backsliding
    That I’m here in this headspace again
    But I promise you this time is different
    Because I already know I’ll win

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  2. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Do you know where to find me?
    When I am lost inside the labyrinth
    Of my own psyche
    I can always be found in the woods
    The fading sun’s golden light
    Filtering through years of growth
    Touching the moss
    Illuminating the heavy, clean air.
    I could wander here for an eternity
    Finding peace and beauty.

    Some may find solace
    In the tumultuous sea
    Where waves mimic
    The tossing of their souls
    And the brine can cleanse
    The darkest, dankest parts
    Of their minds and hearts.

    I flourish in the musk of the forest
    Barefoot and barehanded,
    Touching and absorbing the earth.
    Tip toe dancing on wet decaying leaves.
    Lying beside the fallen rotten tree
    That still holds so much life inside.
    Wrapping my arms around it like a lover.

    The trees are my companions.
    They listen without judgement
    Offering support
    Without asking for release
    From the burden of my heavy heart.
    I could wander here for an eternity.
    Showering in the rain
    Fed by the Mother

    Finding nourishment
    In the way lichen spreads on the rocks
    Appearing random, growing on a whim
    Finding rest in sturdy boughs
    And comfort in tiny toadstools
    Drawing strength from
    Delicious decay and
    Resplendent rebirth
    Of the woods

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  3. thatrandomgirl4389:

    I shouldn’t attempt
    Everytime I try, I fail
    Just swing the hammer
    And hit the head of the nail

    Second-guessing and
    Perfectionist tendencies
    Undermine my progress
    So it presents more like regress

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  4. thatrandomgirl4389:

    One step foward
    Two steps back
    Reaching out timidly
    Intentions falling flat
    Grasping tenaciously
    Onto what I think I need

    I will find myself again

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  5. thatrandomgirl4389:

    The fog is lifting a litttle later this year
    Than in the years before
    But I can feel the sun soaking
    Into my pale skin
    Smiles creeping along like vines
    Of Morning Glories
    Slowly growing, starting small
    Taking over with showy blooms
    Inside I am finally spring
    When summer solstice
    Fast approaches

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  6. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Holding on to
    One more
    Chance to make it
    I keep
    Trying to be

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  7. thatrandomgirl4389:

    I’m a got-damned mess
    How can you even love me?
    Your lips forgive mine

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  8. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Kiss my neck, my dear
    Nibble and bite leave a bruise
    Parents will be pissed

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  9. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Love the way we kissed
    Intensity and passion
    Exchanged between lips

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  10. thatrandomgirl4389:

    My little redhead
    Smile for me in the dark
    Pressed against the wall

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  11. thatrandomgirl4389:

    We used to be friends
    Kiss with a static spark
    It never felt right

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  12. thatrandomgirl4389:

    A clandestine kiss
    Potential to break four hearts
    Do you regret me?

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  13. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Our awkward first kiss
    Not watching Ultraviolet
    I’d like a redo

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  14. thatrandomgirl4389:

    My teeth break your lip
    Your blood taste like the metal
    We are hiding in

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  15. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Long abandoned house
    Lying on the floor at dusk
    Felt like more than lust

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