1. thatrandomgirl4389:

    Blowing in the wind
    Silvery leaves, very thin
    Watch them swaying now

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    I am not my blonde hair
    I am not the dark thoughts I think
    Nor am I the things I’ve learned

    I am not my green(ish) eyes
    I am not the horrible things only I have seen
    Nor am I the beauty I appreciate

    I am not the mouth he loves to kiss
    I am not the smile that I fake
    Nor am I the ones that are sincere

    I am not my freckled shoulders
    I am not the burdens I have carried
    Nor am I the things I have left behind

    I am not my long fingered hands
    I am not the things I have destroyed
    Nor am I the things I create

    I am not my soft breasts
    I am not a scarred heart
    Nor am I the love I give relentlessly

    I am not my wide hips
    I am not a mother missing her child
    Nor am I just his only lover

    I am not my long legs
    I am not all the times I ran away
    Nor am I the places I have stayed

    I am not my narrow feet
    I am not every time I tripped up or made mistakes
    Nor am I my few accomplishments

    I am not my five feet and eight inches
    I am not my experiences
    Nor am I my convictions

    I am only the sum of all these things.

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  3. thatrandomgirl4389:

    It is getting late
    I should be asleep now
    I am still awake

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  4. thatrandomgirl4389:

    I was a seed ripe
    Plucked away by the wind
    I was dropped not far
    In a beautiful garden
    It was tenderly taken care of
    By a loving soul
    I thought how beautiful I would be
    If I grew here
    How easy life would be
    I lay in the garden
    For weeks, for months
    I was a seed ready to root
    But alas, this garden was not for me
    The rain came down
    Pounding the ground
    And carried me far away
    And when the water left
    I found myself
    In a garden with many colors
    The garden was unhealthy
    I thought I cannot grow here
    I felt myself grow weak
    And began to shrivel
    I lay in the garden
    For weeks, for months
    I was a seed dying
    But alas the story is not over
    A creature came
    Digging through the garden
    I clung to its matted fur
    It crossed through a stream
    And I let go
    I floated along the gentle current
    Becoming clean and full of life again
    I traveled until
    The stream turned into a river
    And I was washed ashore
    I found myself in a garden
    Unkept but clean
    I thought it might be hard
    To root in untilled soil
    But it is rich and I will flourish
    I lay in the garden
    For weeks, for months
    I was a seed waiting
    This is where I plant myself
    I reached out a timid but strong root
    Finding the slightest crack
    In the hard packed ground
    The crack led to another crack
    And I filled them all with my roots
    I’m no longer a sprout with new leaves
    I have grown tall and hardy
    I have grown buds that are ready to bloom
    I am glad for the journey
    I am glad for the garden I planted myself in
    I am ready to show
    That I couldn’t have been this beautiful
    In any other garden
    It took effort to grow this strong
    And when I bloom
    My seeds will be hardy and carry on.

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  5. thatrandomgirl4389:

    There was something I was thinking
    As I woke from dreamless sleeping
    By the time my pen found paper
    The thoughts no longer lingered there
    While lying in my bleary trance
    I felt the words bore significance
    I fear if I found that state once more
    I would find the words did not endure
    And the deep knowledge I once found
    Is buried and forgotten like a coffin in the cold ground

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  6. thatrandomgirl4389:

    That’s it baby, flash that smile
    You’re all dolled up
    And looking to manipulate
    You sexy little siren
    Calling out to a taken man
    Bringing him close
    To bash him on the rocks
    That’s it girl darken those bedroom eyes
    Giving false hope of a sordid rendezvous
    To a man who looks at you with desire
    Tell him lies to get off on the game you play
    Drinking up his misery like it was life sustaining.

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  7. thatrandomgirl4389:

    She was reckless
    In that she let her hair be wild
    She was reckless
    In that she couldn’t always find her smile

    She was reckless
    In that she always wrote in pen
    She was reckless
    In that she made mistakes and left them

    She was reckless
    In that she sang loudly in the car
    She was reckless
    In that she always wished on falling stars

    She was reckless
    In that she didn’t finish what she started
    She was reckless
    In that she loved fully knowing she’d be broken hearted.

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    Tiny hope

    Tiny heart

    Tiny you

    Tiny start

    Tiny break

    Tiny tear

    Tiny little one

    Not here.

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  9. thatrandomgirl4389:

    I try to forgive
    But I just can’t forget
    You hurt me
    And admit to none of it
    You moved away
    I tried to move on
    But what you did
    Was disgusting and wrong
    Why should you
    Get to live happy
    With you new wife and two kids
    Who forgot me
    Why do you get to have peace
    While I live in tumult?
    Why do I live with shame
    When this was all your fault?

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  10. thatrandomgirl4389:

    There is something in
    A stormcloud sky
    That reminds me of
    My lover’s eyes
    There is something in
    A rushing wind
    That reminds me of
    My lover’s skin
    There is something in
    A flower wild
    That reminds me of
    My lover’s smile
    There is something in
    A static spark
    That reminds me of
    My lover’s heart

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  11. thatrandomgirl4389:

    You with your floppy ears
    That flap when you run back
    After running around the front yard with pure joy
    You with your smile
    Your mouth hanging open
    While you bound toward me
    With all that wonderful happy energy
    You with your tail wagging
    When I greet you every morning
    And come back into the room
    You with your snuggly face
    Who gets under the blanket with me
    And helps me stay warm on cold mornings
    You with your expressive eyes
    That show concern when I am upset
    That watch me carefully for a scrap of food
    And watch out the window for your dad to get home
    You with your knowledge
    Who stayed right by my side
    When I was going through the hardest of trials
    You with your joy
    Rolling around in the dirt
    Digging for worms
    Running at full speed
    Showing affection
    I love you.

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  12. thatrandomgirl4389:

    You kissed me this morning,
    Like every day before you leave
    I said “I love you, have a good day.”
    Stretched across the bed,
    And went back to sleep

    Before I closed my eyes
    And drifted back into my dream,
    I saw you pause in the doorway
    Using the moment
    To simply watch me.

    Though this is something small
    It tells me things so important:
    You want me,
    You love me,
    And I can feel it.

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    Attention all tumblr poets!!!

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  14. Thanks :)

    1. I know lots of words
    2. I have kind of a green thumb
    3. I am smart enough to know that there is much I don’t know
    4. My dogs and cat really like me.
    5. I am trying.



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